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Club Congress Entry Lists.

Entry to an event entails a commitment to play every session. Penalties may apply to pairs failing to arrive or failing to give 24 hours notice to the Tournament Director. Should unforeseen circumstances prevent attendance, it is the player's responsibility to arrange a suitable substitute.

To check the suitability of a substitute email the director by clicking their name.

Players are reminded that electronic payment of BAWA entry fees is the preferred option.

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Country GNOT - (Begins Saturday, 5 June 2021 at 1:00pm)   Maximum Tables: 20

Director: Neville Walker - 0418 944 077

K Boston M Webber  Ann Shalders  Sheryl Coates 
Florence Maltby Alan Dundas  June Mulholland  Mike Mulholland 
J.R. Elliott C.E. James  Sandra Hardie   Trish Anderson 
Christine Leather Gudrun Kemmer   A Cransberg  K Zhao 
M Knight J Day  10  Phil Power  Kathy Power 


ANC Restricted Butler - (Begins Sunday, 27 June 2021 at 9:30am)   Maximum Tables: 30

Director: Neville Walker - 0418 944 077

Alfred Leung Phil Jacobsen   Chris Bacon   
JAY W TBA  C Grogan  R Grogan  
Hamish McCracken John Finlay-Jones  A Cayley  A Dubrawski 
R Gunawardena T Nakamatsu  Eamonn McCabe  Donna Crossan-Peacock 
Eve Clarkson Shelley James  10  D Dwyer  M Koay 
11  Sarita Singh Lyn Toft  12  M Goodlet  J Andrews 
13  Marion Bogue Deborah Greenway   14  T Burton  S Schneider 
15  J.R.Elliott C.E. James  16  R Bandarage  S Zurub 
17  yvonne burns julie short  18  Peter Knight  TBA 
19  Rob Breen Laura Breen  20  Rina Shah  Divyesh Shah 
21  Wendy Wade Brian Jackson  22  Harry Crosby  Rick Morris 
23  Maria Ikier De'arn Alexander  24  Frances Hammond  Sheila Bishop 
25  Julie Short Yvonne Burns  26  Atsuko Takeuchi   Anne Durack 
27  Faye Shelton Christina Wu  28  Garth Scotford  Helen Lewis 
29  Gill Blakey Ross Blakey  30     


GNOT Metro Final - (Begins Saturday, 7 August 2021 at 10:00am)   Maximum Tables: 30

Director: Neville Walker - 0418 944 077

Patrick Garnett  Christina Wu  Sally Brittliffe   Peach Partis     
Peter McCann  Jane Adams  Beata Bieganski   Lilia Male     
Maura Rhodes  Rick Rhodes  Phil Power   Kathy Power  Terry Collins  Louise Collins 
Alan Harrop  Jon Pynt  Cynthia Belonogoff   Vinod Nasta     
Doreen Jones  Rez Karim  Cathy Hood   Pauline Collette  Martin Doran   
Deana Wilson  Sue Gammon  Dave Munro   Pim Birss  Tim munro   
Viv Zotti   Terri Garbutt  Gill Gavshon   Chris Cullen     
Gwyneira Brahma  Cassie Morin  Stella Steer   Jay Steer     
R Grenside   S grenside  M Broome   V Broome      
10  Mimi Packer  Virginia Seward  Linda Coli   Jonathan Free  Jane Reynolds   
11  D Sloan  A Youngs  K Pinniger   C Sullivan  S Pynt   
12  A Cransberg  K Zhao  N Dutton   MF Merven  D Brooks  F Maltby