State (ABF /Licenced) Event Entry Form

Check your partner hasn't already entered you here.

Players are reminded that electronic payment of BAWA entry fees is the preferred option. Details Here

Web based entries must contain sufficient information for the entrants to be clearly identified & contactable (by phone or email). Without this information the entry will be considered INVALID & players should expect the possibility of their entry being refused.

All participants in BAWA/ABF events must be an active(financial) member of an affiliated club and supply their ABF number at the beginning of the tournament.

A player who is inactive at the start of an event is automatically disqualified.

Entering a event entails an obligation to play every session- failure to turn up , without exceptional and extenuating circumstances, will result in the forfeiture of entry rights to ALL BAWA Sponsored Open Red point events until all outstanding entry fees, including TBA's, are paid. Penalties may also apply.

BAWA reserves the right to vary the conditions of contest for any event; players are expected to check the web site for the latest information.

For all BAWA Restricted Events players must have < 300 master points as of the 1st of the quarter prior to the event.

BAWA Supplementary Regulation 4

If the event is not listed it may be full - you can check here.

I have read, understood and agree to all of the above conditions.